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Advanced Infrared Thermometer - Raytek 3i Series

See exactly what you are measuring in the telescope reticule

Infra Red thermometer with different models for special applications, to 3000C with versions for Glass, Plastic and with special sighting options. Offering a host of special features and versions, the 3i is the ultimate development in hand held IR thermometry. The 3i includes all the preferred functions with a 100 point logger, and the best distance to spot ratio for low temperatures at 120:1. There are five sighting options, telescopic sights, laser, dual laser, crossed laser and laser plus scope. Tripod mounting point is supplied. The 3i is a premium instrument for high temperatures, or special applications. These are nominated in full in the downloadable data sheet.

  • Wide range e.g. -30 to 1200°C, 150 to 1800°C
  • 5 ranges covering from -30 to 3000°C
  • High optical resolution to 180:1 for high temperatures and up to 120:1 for LRSC at low temperature
  • Choice of wave length - 1, 1.6, 5, 7.9 and 8 to 14µ to suit many applications
  • Logging to 100 points & RS232 / analog output
  • Choice of scope and/or laser sighting
  • Emissivity 0.1 to 1.00 in .01 increments
Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
RY-3I-LRSC Premium Infra Red Thermometer 3i -30 to 1200°C, scope, 8 to 14µ, 120:1 Not Available For Online Purchase, please contact one of our sales offices.

Additional Information

Raytek 3i series data sheets - all types 318 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

Operating Instructions Raytek 3i 1419KB Download PDF