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3 Phase Power & Harmonic Analyser - DW6095

3 Phase Power Analyser Lutron DW-6095 brings basic power analysis, and fault finding within the grasp of most technicians. For a moderate price the user gets a complete, ready to use kit for measuring all power parameters on industrial installations to 1200 amps, with extension using optional clamp CP3000 to 3000 amps ( 3 required)  Other than transient waveformss, the tool brings most functions to the user in an easy to use package. Using the DW-6095 you can determine the peak power requirements, detect power factor problems, balance phases and identify supply faults such as wave form distortion, harmonics, breaks and surges. All of which have potential to increase power costs substantially.

  • AC parameters, Power Factor, Phase, Harmonics,Crest Factor, Active, Apparent, Reactive Power
  • Peak AC voltage and current
  • IEC 1010 CATIII 600V
  • includes 3 x 1200 amp current clamps - optional 3000amp flexible style (3 x LU-CP3000 required)
  • Real time logger 2 seconds to 7200 seconds - to SD card (instantaneous values)
  • Transients recorded such as dip, swell and outage with programmable threshhold (not waveform)
  • Display waveform, harmonics, Total harmonic distortion, phase diagram
  • export recorded data direct via SD card to EXCEL software for analysis
  • optional PC software available

Power quality check, power parameters, phase diagram, harmonics and transients - COMPLETE KIT READY TO USE

Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
LU-CP3000 Flexible Clamp Probe - single unit - 30-3000 amps Stock Available $204.00
LU-DW6095 3 Phase power analyser with transients logging SD card - KIT Stock Available $2,460.00
LU-SWU811/USB01 Lutron software for PC up to 16ch analysis and graph & .xls output Stock Available $123.00

Additional Information

Lutron 3 phase power analyser and logger -DW6095 - 102 KB Download PDF
Flexible Clamp Probe 30-3000 amps LU-CP3000 627 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

Operating Instructions DW6095 Power Analyser and Logger 1153KB Download PDF