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2 Pole Thermocouple Connectors - Marlin 1010, 1060

Marlin full size 2-pole connectors are made to exacting specifications to provide rapid, dependable connections between thermocouples and extension wires.

  • Alloys of prongs and inserts match ANSI calibrations to maintain sensing accuracy. Alloy and polarity are identified by symbols molded into body.
  • Prongs and inserts are permanently mounted; provide dependable screw connection to extension wires.
  • Connector bodies molded of glass filled thermoset compounds (will not melt) for high strength and dependability. The color coded Connectors will withstand ambient temperatures to 400°F (205°C) continuous and 500°F (260°C) intermittent. High-Temperature Connectors (all Hi-Temp connectors are color coded brown) will withstand ambient temperatures to 425°C continuous and 540°C intermittent.
  • Jab-In Connectors for fast connection of wires without disassembly
  • ANSI colour coded - except high temperature (brown with printed type)
  • Standard 204C continuous Note: hardware shown in data sheet

Hardware - cable clamps and tube adaptors available - listed separately

Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
MA-1010-J standard jack type J Stock Available $15.00
MA-1060-T standard plug type T Stock Available $10.40
MA-1060-K standard plug type K Stock Available $10.40
MA-1010-T standard jack type T Stock Available $15.00
MA-1010-K standard jack type K 2 pole Stock Available $15.00
MA-1060-N standard plug type N Stock Available $10.40
MA-1060-CU standard plug copper pin 2 pole Stock Unavailable $10.40
MA-1010-N standard jack type N Stock Available $15.00
MA-1010-CU standard jack copper pin 2 pole Stock Available $15.00
MA-1060-R standard plug type R Stock Available $10.40
MA-1060-J standard plug type J Stock Available $10.40
MA-1010-R standard jack type R Stock Available $15.00

Additional Information

Marlin full sized plugs and jacks data_n 555 KB Download PDF
Sensor Catalogue 3045 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

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